Maleny Dairies

maleny dairiesRoss Hopper grew up on the family’s dairy farm in the picturesque hills of Maleny.

When dairy farmers began to struggle after the deregulation of the milk industry in 2002, Ross decided to fight back. He built a milk processing plant of his own on the family farm – cutting food miles and keeping his carbon footprint low. The factory is only 100 metres from the dairy!  And so Maleny Dairies was born!

Milk Like it Used to Taste

Maleny Dairies is known far and wide for it’s creamy milk – it tastes just like the milk you enjoyed when you were a kid. It’s pasteurised only and is as close to raw milk as is legally possible to sell! And it has won a truck-load of awards.

Supporting Local Farmers

Other local dairy farmers benefit from having a processing plant close to their farms.  Maleny Dairies pays local farmers a fair price for their milk, making their farms sustainable for future generations.

So, when you purchase Maleny Dairies products (milk, yoghurt, custard and cream) you are helping to support local farming families.  And you are buying (and eating) dairy products that are as close to nature as you can get, real milk made the old-fashioned way.  No permeate, no additives just pure milk!

Take a Tour

Ross also runs tours of the dairy farm and factory. Visitors really enjoy sitting at the picnic tables overlooking the farm and the kids love to pat the animals. It’s great for young ones to see where their milk comes from and how it’s made.