Recovery & Salvage

Ross Hopper has had many years of experience in recovery and salvage, in all sorts of places, and with just about every vehicle known to man!

From motorbikes, cars, 4wds, trucks, planes, machinery and boats to mining equipment… Ross recovers ANYTHING.

From a simple car tow right through to the most complex recovery operation, Ross has got you covered!

Need a Tow Truck?

For roadside assistance, salvage and recovery services, or an obligation free quote, Australian Heavy Recovery Specialists can help. Give Ross a call!

Car Towing Services

Ross Hopper is available for towing, salvage and/or recovery of cars from anywhere. Could be a car accident or simply that your vehicle has run off the road and got stuck in a ditch.
Either way, simply give Ross a call and he’ll come and get your vehicle out. If it’s no longer drivable, he can put it on one of his flatbed trucks and take it wherever you want.

Motorbike Towing Services

Bikes are the easiest of the recovery and towing work that Ross does. He is easily able to recover your motorbike and get it loaded and delivered to anywhere you require.

4wd Towing Services

Ross has vast experience in 4wd recovery and towing. He can recover or tow your 4wd stuck anywhere – beach or bush – on the Sunshine Coast.

Truck Towing

Ross has had extensive experience in recovering trucks – from trucks that have run off the road due to a driver avoiding a collision or from falling asleep at the wheel, or worse, rolled over on the road.

Plane Recovery

Ross Hopper will recover planes in any circumstance. No matter if its in the middle of dense bush, a paddock, or in the water. Ross will recover it and place it into a truck or container and deliver it anywhere you require.

Machinery Recovery

Ross Hopper can recover any type of machinery. He has had plenty of experience in machinery recovery,  from a small local farmer’s tractor that has fallen on its side, right up to huge excavators that have sunk two metres into mud.

Boat Salvage and Recovery

Ross’s salvage efforts aren’t limited to land! He has recovered boats, yachts and house boats from the ocean, rivers and dams. Once back on land, Ross can place your craft on a truck and deliver it to wherever you need it taken.

He’s never left anyone out in the bush!